March is for Pilgrimage...

It’s all about the journey, not the destination…right? That is what we hear, but how do we do this journey well? Can we, by changing our outlook on life, change the meaning we are able to pull from it?

C & C March 2019 Pilgrimage.png

This month we will be focusing on both the metaphor for life as journey and the physical action of pilgrimage for an intended purpose. In the March Coffee and Conversations that Matter, we will be exploring questions such as the ones above, as well as: what is a spiritual pilgrimage? How do we prepare for one? What am I looking for and am I looking in the right places?

I will also be sharing about practical ways we can prepare for a pilgrimage and then…we get to go one one together!

We will be heading up to Strathcona Provincial Park on Mount Washington for a two hour Snowshoe Pilgrimage. We will be walking on the flattest trail, moving slowly, and pausing regularly, but please note that snowshoeing does require a certain amount of physical exertion and may not be appropriate for all who want to come along. Once our journey together is complete folks are welcome to stay and unpack their experience at Ted’s Bar & Grill. If you cannot snowshoe, you are still welcome to join in on the apres-experience!

To register for the Snowshoe Pilgrimage, please fill out the form below (if more than 15 people register, we get a group booking discount).

Snowshoe Pilgrimage Registration Form:

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