September 2019: Opening Ourselves to Awe and Wonder

When was the last time you experienced a sense of wonder? When did you last sit in awe at the world around you? Do you sit and contemplate the mysteries of the Universe, of a God beyond complete understanding? It is said that awe-inspired feelings change us and the way we see life, imbuing us with a more humble perspective of ourselves and others. Wonder allows us to attune to the common humanity we share with all people and the threads that weave all parts of creation together.

Research also suggest that we, in the West, are awe-deprived; that our bodies, faith, and compassion suffer as a result. This wonder mal-nourishment makes us more individualistic, more self-focused, more materialistic and less connected to others. The anti-dote, they suggest, is an active participation in seeking out everyday awe. What takes your breath away? What makes the hairs on your neck stand up straight? For what do you mouth the words thank you?

Perhaps it is time to reenter the awe-inspiring world of childhood where everything is a miracle. Maybe it is time to rethink our spiritual practices - our very lives - to make this possible.

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