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Coffee and Conversations that Matter: Breaking Down Barriers

This month’s discussion topic is “Breaking Down Barriers,” where we will be discussing what it means to build community.

Mr. Rogers invited us into his neighbourhood all those years ago, but did we ever really learn what being a good neighbour and building amazing community is all about?

What does it mean to get to know those who live and move in the spaces around us? Are we willing to risk allowing ourselves to be changed as we get to know them and let them know us? How do we engage with folks who look or sound different from us? Or people with differing social and political views? Can we love our neighbours even if we don’t like them?

Come on out and join in the conversation in this welcoming, safe, inclusive, spiritual space for intriguing discussion and collective wondering and wisdom sharing.

Coffee and tea provided (snack contributions are most welcome!)

C & C May 2019 Neighbouring.png