We desire community that is constructive and inclusive, loving and inspiring.

 We value diversity.  In our process of honouring diversity and challenging injustice with those who bear the weight of discrimination, we commit ourselves to openness, growth and education.

We believe God has made us, and gifted us, an incredibly diverse people, diverse in gender, gender identity, race, age, physical ability, class, faith and sexual orientation. Jesus knew no boundaries, reaching out to all people, welcoming and honouring all in their uniqueness.

We believe that we are called to be a circle of ministry that welcomes and includes all, honours the gifts of each, recognizes the need of all for forgiveness and grace, and nourishes all in the faith walk to which we are called.

We believe that all of the created world is holy and sacred, and so we commit ourselves to speaking and acting in ways that will promote wholeness and peace.

We confront language or behaviour that disrespects groups or individuals based on any real or perceived status: people who are young, old, ill, poor, disabled, indigenous, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender, refugees, victims of violence, and those who experience racism or sexism.

We believe, ultimately, that God is love and we are most closely aligned with our purpose when we live out that love in concrete ways.