TGIF: Dance Shows, Kitchen Renos, and Sabbatical

Hello friends!


If anyone (like me) has school-aged children, you can understand that this time of year can get a little…chaotic.  Dance shows, lacrosse tournaments, piano recitals, school performances, wrap-up parties; all good things, and all stuffed into a few short weeks.  June also brings the Sabbatical of my colleague at St. George’s (a mandated 3 month leave every 5 years of service in the UCCan) and my stepping into the Lead Pastor role there.  Did I mention St. George’s is also renovating the kitchen?  That kitchen is very well used by hundreds of community members each week – serving meals each day 11:30-12:30, hosting events, welcoming family and friends.  Don’t worry, Weird Church is still going strong – our next Friday Feast is June 14th on the topic of the Blue (register here!).


What I am Thinking About

It is easy for me to get caught in the tasks associated with all those affairs mentioned above and get…well…stressed out.  When I think about each of the little things, I miss the big beautiful picture (not to mention all the hands at work beyond my own).  Perspective – when I change the way I see the world, the world I see changes.  I can think about my to-do list (which I will!) but I have to keep it in the perspective of the abundance I am steeped in.


What I am Grateful For

So I suppose then, I am grateful for a life that is filled with blessing – so filled it is overwhelming some days, but filled up to the very brim.  I am grateful that our children have opportunities and places to engage in the arts and sports that challenge and grow and teach them.  I am grateful for two incredible communities of faith that I get to offer leadership in: St. George’s and Weird Church – both jam-packed with people whose faith and questions lead me to greater depths of love and generosity.


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What Inspires Me

Is it weird to get inspired by a kitchen renovation?  Because so many hands serve and receive in that place, the community that surrounds St. George’s has come out in support of this renovation in generous and beautiful ways.  From the hands-on work of our rag-tag group of faithful volunteers to the community money helping us fund (we are still short though, please feel free to donate!) I am inspired by those who put their love where their hands are and let it flow.


How I am Practicing my Faith


I love to preach – the research, study, wrestling, listening, writing (re-writing), sitting, wondering, and proclaiming.  It is a practice of faith that grounds and invigorates me and I am so grateful that God has given me this task in the work of my ministry. 

 This week at St. George’s I’ll be preaching on the Holy Spirit – God’s Spirit that lives in each one of us, opening our eyes to God’s work in and around us, enlivening us to live lives of love, care, and service.  If you haven’t been to church in a while (or ever), come and see – there’s lunch after too!


Check out some of these great photos from the start of the renovation and see you soon – at Sunday Worship, Friday Feast…and perhaps in the audience of one of these shows or the sidelines of a game or the sidewalk outside one of the churches.


Blessings on your week. 

-         Ingrid

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